Hector Machuca Photography


SOCIAL: Wednesday Night Drags/Sonoma Drift

I've lived in Sonoma County almost my whole life and before yesterday I had only visited Infineon Raceway once when I was a kid. The scene is still very fresh in my memory: I visited with my older brother, cousin and his uncle. All you could smell was rubber but that didn't matter, we were too busy munching on turkey legs to even realize Jeff Gordon's ride was screaming past us. 

Last week I was browsing Infineon's website to see if my E30 was eligible for any events and to my surprise it was. Since my car is a convertible, a roll cage/bar is needed for my safety if any sort of accident were to happen, so I've been having trouble finding events to enter without building a race car. Luckily (or not) you can enter the drag races happening mostly every Wednesday without a roll cage/bar or helmet if your car is slower than 13.49 seconds. I made it my goal to get out there and race but unfortunately I got there a little too late for qualifying runs and eliminations were starting soon. Honestly I'm kind of glad that I didn't race this time. I wasn't too sure what to except before arriving and now I feel extremely comfortable for next week. I'm planning on getting there early, look out for a GoPro video of my race next week on the blog.

Even though I didn't get to race it was still awesome to get out there and enjoy the smell of rubber and sound of crackling engines. So many dope cars. I'm really motivated to get a full race car build going now. It'll happen but for now enjoy these photos from Wednesday night.