Hector Machuca Photography



I received a call at about 7pm last Friday and since it was an unknown number I let it go to voicemail. Apparently I contacted them via Craigslist about a fitness shoot and confirmed once I looked through my outbox. The director was Neil, I called him back and after very little details were shared I decided to go ahead and accept the job. We were scheduled to meet the next day at 5pm in Oakland. 

At 4:30pm I walk through the gym's roll-up door and see a video crew setting up lights. Neil quickly greeted me then I introduced myself to the guys in charge of the lights and ask them what we're shooting. Bluetooth headphones. From 5pm to midnight. I was in charge of taking photos while they filmed a video. The last time I did that was in Columbus for the Arnold Classic last year and it was pretty simple. 

I think I did pretty well for Photive: