Hector Machuca Photography


35MM: Jalisco In November

On February 2015 I purchased a round-trip flight to Guadalajara to visit family in November for only $180! I convinced my friend Patrick to tag along since he hadn't visited his relatives in 7-8 years. When it came for the moment to pack my bags, I had to decide if I wanted to travel with my digital Nikon D610 or film Nikon FM10. I ended up taking both bodies. On my way to buy some Ilford HP5 the day before taking off I stumbled upon a cheap Nikon 24mm f2.8 at Jeremiah's Photo Corner in Santa Rosa. It was like $175. Sold! Even though I always had my D610 with me on my trip, I shot with the FM10 about 80% of the time. I finally developed the two rolls I went through. 

Big thanks to Cory Sanford for teaching me how to develop in black and white. After having a studio with a darkroom for six months we finally got something done in there! It took me a few rolls to get decent results and a few hours of fiddling with the Epson scanner to get sharp files but it was all worth it. The more I'm able to do on my own the better. 

The following photos are all 35mm Ilford HP5 taken with a Nikon FM10 and 24mm 2.8:

On the way central Guadalajara from the airport

El Centro

It was fun being a tourist for a day

There was a lot of police around, they even confronted us about our open containers

This is still very common over here, anything to get some cash

Our 2nd one-liter michelada of the evening

Palomitas y una cubeta

Fuck it, Jaegermeister shots in Mexico

One of many many bars that one night in Guadalajara

November 20 marks the beginning of the Mexican Revolution

The Revolution went on from 1910 to 1920, it transformed Mexican politics and society

I learned a lot about my culture and family history during this trip

When I was a kid I lived in Mexico for a year and also participated in similar events

Horses are definitely preferred over cars

 Aside from just making them dance, the horses can lay down as well

Aside from just making them dance, the horses can lay down as well

This dude had a saddle made of platinum

There was a tournament going on between local pueblos and I was;t wearing my Nike's

Tio Juan holding down his crops

His grass was just harvested, now to get some buyers

My last plate of tacos before heading back to Cali

Damn, now I want tacos